Mike Hill, a long-time advocate for numerous, worthy causes and issues, is being recognized for his tireless work and commitment to the preservation of Constitutional rights, American values and the safety and security of the citizens of Florida, with the Center for Security Policy’s 2017 Patriot Award.
Mike Hill has spent a lifetime dedicated to the defense of the US constitution from the days that he received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.
Serving Northwest Florida Mike Hill introduced an important

counterterrorism "Andy's Law". 

Christopher Holton, Vice President for Outreach of the Center for Security Policy expressed deep admiration and appreciation for Hill’s dedication:
“Mike Hill is a true champion for the oath that he took upon entering the Air Force Academy as a young man, proving that the oath to uphold and defend the constitution continues after service.
The people of Florida—and especially the people in the Panhandle—are indeed blessed to have him as a leader on the side of all that is good, right and just.”

Mike Hill, Ann Coulter and other conservative leaders of this country are fighting for the same cause to "Make America Great Again!" 
Mike Hill will always be on the right side! 

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